Ladies, don’t tell me you don’t want privilege of exclusiveness ðŸ™†

I am sure every lady likes to have the privilege of exclusiveness, that is why we all opt limited edition items whenever we can during our shopping, right?😉

And for those who know me well, I don’t fancy of branded stuffs or bags😜

Instead I appreciate unique handmade items as I hate to bump into someone who is carrying the same bags as me, especially when I am paying few thousands dollars for the bag🙍

Because of this, I always hope that I can design bags or even accessories that are exclusively mine💗

I am so blessed that my dream has finally came true after years of efforts🙏

Just to share with you why personally I always feel that, having exclusive stuffs are more important that branded stuff🤔

👉It is One & Only

You can’t find the “same” items elsewhere❣️

👆Such as this crochet clutch bag👜of mine~~

As it is fully handmade, even there are 2 clutch bags with same design, they are only “similar” but they can never be the same😊

As the tailor handmade it one by one instead of mass production by automation. Hence they are unique with its own “spirit“❤️

Oh ya, besides elegant designs, I am particular on the quality and every little details too.

Just like this clutch, the inner part is nicely covered with matching silk fabric😊

Now I can rest assure that I won’t bump into someone who is carrying the same bag as me😘

👉 Privilege of exclusiveness

With less than half the price of a branded bag💰 you can own the privilege of exclusiveness😇

The satisfaction of owning an item that is exclusively yours, is much greater than having a branded bag, that cost u thousands of dollars yet hundred and thousands of ladies out there are having the same bags as u😌

👉 Be yourself

You are unique and don’t need branded stuffs to prove your value but instead you can create your style✍️

While this clutch👝 is tailor made✂️ based on my desire color & size, you can always design your own items according to your preferences. Isn’t that great? There are various of colors for you to choose:)


You are always welcome to contact me and share with me your idea or desire designs ❤️



#handmade #clutch #crochet #unique #oneandonly

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