Looking for the right medication? All you need is just a little of your saliva sample

Are you suffering from chronic disease?

Are you taking any medication?

Your medication is not effective for you?

You are worrying about your medication side effects?

You want to reduce the dosage that you’re taking?

You are tiring of “trial and error” process in finding your right medicine?

You want to stop spending on wrong medication and further reduce your medical cost?

You wish your medication could be tailor-made just for you?

If all or most of your answers are “yes”, perhaps, a little of your saliva sample can do you a favor 🙂

saliva sample


Based on your saliva sample given, the laboratory is going to look for the variants in your genes that can affect your response to certain medications.

This test is to help you to find yourself the most effective and safest medication without side effect.

This process is called Safety Medication Genetic Test”.

druggene testing.jpg

Why you need it?

Because everyone is unique and our uniqueness are not only limited to our appearance and personality but also our health, risk of disease and our response to medicine.

And what makes us so unique? Our “genetic” is the key.

One-size-fits-all” is the most commonly use medical method however due to our “uniqueness”, medicines that work well for others may not be effective or even harmful to you.

Hence, more often than not, your discomforts are due to the mismatch between your genetics and the medicine being prescribed instead of the disease itself.

Good news is,  you can now undergo your Safety Medication Genetic Test in Malaysia!

Meaning to say that “Personalize Medicine” is no longer a dream for Malaysian!  Pharmacist is now able to tailor the best medication, dosage and regimen especially for you based on your genetic profile.

This will also eventually reduce your medical cost as it refrains you from spending money on wrong medication.

I hope by undergo Safety Medication Genetic Test, you can wave good bye to your sickening medication process and side effects real soon. Feel free to PM me, if you keen to find out more information.

Stay healthy always, cheers:)

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