My 1st Ecotourism experience @ Valley Agro Park

Nature therapy is always the best way for me to relieve stress.

Couple of weeks ago, my friends and I planned to have a short getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life and engage ourselves with nature. After discussing with Joyzride on our requirements, the friendly staff arranged us an ecotourism trip to Agro Valley Park at Bentong.

This is my 1st ecotourism experience and it is indeed a very exciting trip for me.

First of all, let me share with you my fascinating visit to House of Bees, a bee farm which is located in the Agro Valley Park itself.


Normally, we rarely have the chance to visit a bee farm. However, House of Bees is actually a stingless bees’ farm, of which, the bees don’t “sting” as they don’t have venom. Thus, we can stay closer to the bees’ world without danger.

The visit to House of Bees gave me a chance to unveil the secret world of the bees. Perhaps, I have very limited knowledge on the bees, hence there are many “wow” and “surprises” during my visit.


I never realized that, the bees are required to gather nectar from 1 million flowers, merely to produce 500g of honey!

I was shocked to find out that the worker bees are having very short lifespan of 45 days, whereas a queen bee can live up to 7 years! And, a queen bee can lay about 1,500 eggs daily!

There are countless “surprises” … awaiting you to discover at the House of Bees!

These little huts are the bees’ home

The Bee Farm is very well-maintained and lovely




This is my first time staying so near to the bees, to scrutinize the bee hive and propolis. The best thing is, I can collect the honey, pollen and royal jelly right from the bee hive and enjoy it on the spot! Never in my life I have drank so much of honey in a day, hehe…

1st time of me staying so close to the bees
Stingless bees’ hive
Entrance and exit point of the bee hive that look likes a black rose

The bees’ society is mysterious and sounds like a fairy tale to me. As there are queen, princesses, menfolk, and workers in the society. I am impressed by their determinations to accomplish their duties despite short lifespan. So, be like bees, live your life meaningfully.


Do you have the urge to discover the mystical world of the bees? Are you interested on the bees’ fairy tale? If you do, then you must pay a visit to House of Bees, where the friendly staffs are going to tell you the interesting “fairy tales” of the bees.

You may arrange your trip anytime at your convenience as the House of Bees is open daily from 10am to 6pm and the admission is free.

Just a friendly reminder:Despite the stingless bees don’t sting, it might “bite” you like a what mosquitos do. Hence try not to put on perfume and avoid wearing dark colour clothes such as black or brown colours, which might trigger them to “bite” you.

The beautiful garden in the bee farm
The colorful flowers made my day.

After discovering the secret world of bees, let me bring you to the astonishing Valley Agro Park to enjoy the organic life!

This wooden bridge is leading us to the amazing Valley Agro Park.
I am truly amazed by the tranquility of Valley Agro Park
The beautiful undisturbed scenery in Valley Agro Park.

There are few chalets in the valley and each of the chalet is having different designs and layout.

Below is one the chalets that I personally love it so much. It is perfectly located beside the river and surrounded by mountains. Moreover, the interior design is to my liking too.

The chalet is surrounded by mountains and next to the river.
Truly in love with this “farmhouse style” interior design
The room is embraced by nature
Even the path towards the room is so lovely

Experiencing country living is a must-do thing in Valley Agro Park.

You can catch the fish from the river and pick your own vegetables from the farm for your lunch or dinner. Is kind of fun! The meal that you handpicked every ingredient, is going to be extremely delicious and you are going to reminisce the taste for life.

The fish, poultry, vegetables and fruits are self-cultivated by the owner. Hence you can rest assured that the foods are organic and fresh.

The huge fish pond
Sultan fish caught by us

In Valley Agro Park, you are going to enjoy your scrumptious meal in the huts that surrounded by greenery and lake.

Dining in the huts
We were having our lunch “on the lake”
Our yummy lunch, that I still reminisce the taste

Besides the famous fresh river fish, you must try the steam kampong chicken called “yoke lan chicken” too. I personally love the claypot sweet potatoes leave, which is perfectly cooked with shrimp paste. Not to forget the homemade bean curds with pumpkin paste too. The chef is using solely fresh pumpkin to make the pumpkin paste, no sugar or colouring added. Hence it is naturally sweet and goes well with the silky homemade tofu.


Truly enjoying this first ecotourism trip of mine. It is more than just a short getaway. It is indeed an unforgettable trip for city girls like us to experience the organic country living and cherish the beauty of living a simple life.

Really in love with the fresh cool air and undisturbed landscape. For me, Valley Agro Park is a great place for family outing, edu-trip for kids and team buildings for organisation.

Last but not least, I would like to extend my gratitude to Joyzride for arranging this fascinating ecotourism trip after patiently communicated with us. Without Joyzride I wouldn’t know what is the real meaning of ecotourism. And, thanks for giving us a comfy and joyful journey too!

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