4 little habits to slim you down

Staying slim and attractive is a lifelong challenging journey for ladies.

Today I am not going to repeat on the importance of regular exercising or rigid diets which you probably have been told a million times before. Instead I just want to share with you some effortless habits that I have been personally maintaining since my early 20s to keep me in good shape.

Don’t ever sit or lie down during the first 30 min after meals

You should never sit or lie down after meals. Remain standing or take a leisure stroll for at least half an hour. This is very crucial in giving you a flat belly and smaller waistline.

Take the stairs

I must admit that I am not a sport enthusiast, I don’t exercise frequently but one of the effective ways for me to burn my calories is, taking the stairs instead of taking lift from my parking bay at level 3 to my apartment unit, which is located on level 8, at least 3 times a week. This is helpful in fat burning and toning butt and thighs.

No more food intake at least 4 hours before bedtime

Strictly no food intake at least 4 hours before you go to bed. For instance, I am cutting off all food by 7 as I generally going to bed by 11pm. This is to give our body sufficient time to burn fat before we sleep and prevent us from gaining weight.

One of the helpful tips to make me determined in maintain this habit is, to brush my teeth immediately after dinner. This refrain me from eating as I wouldn’t want to get my teeth dirty and have to brush it again.

Opt for healthy cooking methods and quality foods

I am a foodie and I never really go on diet. Nonetheless, I opt for healthier and lighter cooking methods such as, steaming instead of deep fried or go for soupy stuffs instead of stir-fried foods, which enable me to enjoy my favourites foods in a less sinful way.

In addition, always bear in mind that, only quality foods and fresh ingredients worth your calories. Hence, try to avoid too much intake of processed foods or junk foods.

I’m a lazy bone, if I can do it, I believe you can do it even better. Just try to implement these simple little habits into your daily life and you will start to realize that staying slim and healthy is not that difficult though. Cheers!

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